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Established in 2012, LOMAA is an emerging, enthusiastic and devoted non-profit artist-run collective that fosters collaboration, investigation and innovation by tapping into the talent and serving the needs of media artists in the London region. We help to support and program creative partnerships between filmmakers, photographers, sound artists, musicians, engineers, scientists amongst others. Our membership is open to the public to allow these types of partnerships to take shape and grow.


London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) is a non-profit, artist-run collective that fosters collaboration, exploration and innovation among media arts practitioners and patrons. LOMAA builds the region’s media arts community by offering accessible and diverse programming.

If you are a filmmaker, audio/sound artist, media arts writer/researcher or someone interested in supporting a local media arts organization, please join our mailing list. Entering your email address means that you will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter and that you will automatically become a free member of LOMAA.