Brent Lee and Sigi Torinus (of The Noiseborder Ensemble) – Sound and Image Workshop

Friday February 27
3-5 PM
$20$ / $15 for LOMAA members

Vibrafusionlab – London
355 Clarence Street
London ON

LOMAA is pleased to host The Noiseborder Ensemble as the sixth participant in its Visiting Artist Program. During their stay The Noiseborder Ensemble members, Brent Lee and Sigi Torinus, will host an intimate workshop focusing on the creation and presentation of new and multi-media works.

This workshop will introduce strategies for relating sound and image in multimedia performance works as well as fixed media, specifically through triggering and parameter mapping. Triggering is a simple way to ensure the coordination of aural and visual events, while parameter mapping involves isolating as aspect of an audio signal such as pitch or loudness and using that data to control an aspect of a video signal such as brightness or colour levels, or vice versa. Torinus and Lee will also discuss some of the interactive multimedia pieces they have developed over the last several years that implement these strategies.

Please email with questions or to reserve a spot because space is limited.

Brent Lee is a composer, media artist, and musician whose work explores the relationships between sound, image, and technology, especially through multimedia performance. He has created more than one hundred works, ranging from orchestral music to interactive media pieces to film soundtracks.
An active instrumentalist, he has performed in many countries with groups such as the Noiseborder Ensemble, blackhole-factory, and Modus vivendi. His most recent project is entitled Homstal, and brings together composition, improvisation, saxophone performance, videography, and Max programming.

Sigi Torinus creates hybrid, new media works with an emphasis on improvisatory live-video performance and site-specific installation. Her research explores perceptions of space, time and materiality as they meet or collide in the virtuality of digital space or physicality of a geographic location. Playing with concepts like presence and absence, visibility and intangibility, her installations often combine sculptural elements with video, audio, and performance, creating an immersive environment that activates our different senses both viscerally and intellectually. She holds MFAs from the Braunschweig Art Institute, Germany, and San Francisco State University, California. Her works have been exhibited in the US, Caribbean, Europe, Australia, Russia and Canada.

LOMAA’s Visiting Artist Program is made possible through generous funding from The Canada Council for the Arts.


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