Holding Space Series – Artist Feature: Madelyne Beckles

Visit LOMAA’s Instagram page from Monday, November 23 to Saturday, November 28, 2020 for links to view Madelyne Beckles’ “Masking The Film” on IGTV (Instagram TV) or through https://vimeo.com/481477699. The work will be available to the public until November 30.

Madelyne Beckles is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto. She holds a BFA in Art History and Women’s Studies and now puts her critical faculties to work as a co-host of the podcast High T. Her artwork, which has been shown at MoMA, the AGO, and Miami Art Basel, explores themes of femininity and the body with abject aesthetics and camp humour. She is currently the Curatorial Assistant of Youth and Engagement at the AGO.

Beckles has been collaborating with Delilah Rosier as ‘Masking Collective’ since their debut exhibition Masking is Always More Fun with a Friend in 2015. Masking Collective’s artistic objectives are to create interdisciplinary, immersive environments by incorporating a combination of readymades, collaborations and independently created artworks. Theory heavily informs their practice as they continue to generate works that critique the art and pop historical cannon through an intersectional feminist lens.

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