In Dreams – 16mm film screening

In partnership with Winter Spectacular, LOMAA presents ‘In Dreams’, an hour long film programme suffused with moving images of otherworldly visions, navigating through ambiguous narratives of fever-dream realities and subconscious states of being.

Featuring 16mm works by Barbara Sternberg, Phil Solomon, Amy Halpern, Bruce Baillie, Matthias Müller, Charlotte Pryce, Sol Nagler & Alexandre Larose.

doors at 7pm
screening will commence at 8pm sharp
limited seating available

this event is being presented in conjunction with the opening night of Winter Spectacular’s 5 day arts and music festival, unfolding at numerous venues here in London, Ontario. admission for this evening, which also features two musical acts, is $10 or included with the festival pass. more info on the remainder of the event can be found here:



Tung (Bruce Baillie, USA, 1966, silent) 5 minutes

One of Bruce Baillie’s sensuous tone poems, TUNG is a portrait of a friend; sandy skin and flaxen hair in the early-morning light. – Canyon Cinema

Transitions (Barbara Sternberg, Canada, 1982) 11 minutes

Transitions is a film of inner life and speaks of time, reality, power. It depicts the disquieting sensations of being between – between falling asleep and being awake, between here and there, between being and non-being. Anxiety, a state of depression. The central image is of a woman on a bed over which layers of images and sounds (voices) are superimposed. – B.S.

Sleepy Haven (Matthias Müller, Germany, 1993) 15 minutes

Accompanied by 19th century tales of the sea, Matthias Müller drowns the bodies of young sailors in Sleepy Haven’s blue ocean of lost love and desire. – Cordelia Swan

Invocation (Amy Halpern, USA, 1982, silent) 2 minutes

Hands conjure up a form in space. The illusion is made wholly of lighting and dress – no optical effects.
Note: this film is presented deliberately without on-screen titles, and is meant to be a complete bright object in the dark. – A.H.

The Exquisite Hour (Phil Solomon, USA, 1989) 14 minutes

Partly a lullaby for the dying, partly a lament at the dusk of cinema.
Based on the song by Reynaldo Hahn and Paul Verlaine. – P.S.

Curious Light (Charlotte Pryce, USA, 2011) 4 minutes

A manuscript illuminated: illustrations retreat into the fiber of the page; a fleeting light dissolves into the emulsion of the film: an elusive story is revisited. This film is entirely hand-processed. – C.P.

J. (Sol Nagler & Alexandre Larose, Canada, 2008) 7 minutes

Found memories decayed by the shock patterns of childhood trauma. This film is made mostly with footage found in the bin of an orphanage. The white progressively dissolves within a darkness more and more dense. Faces progressively dissolve within one another. – S.N.

total duration: 59 minutes


LOMAA wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the London Arts Council for their continued support of our monthly 16mm screening series. Additional thanks to the lovely folks at Canyon Cinema, CFMDC and the Winnipeg Film Group, as well as several of the filmmakers for their assistance sourcing prints of their work. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to the organizers of Winter Spectacular for inviting us to collaborate on this event.

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