Introductory Workshop on Free-to-Download Audio Editing Software

Cost: Free

This three-hour evening workshop introduces the popular Audacity software. Participants will create their own works, while editing, inserting effects/music and experimenting with this user-friendly software.


What can you do with free-to-download audio software?
Podcasting & Radio * Multi-Track Music Recording * Record soundtracks for animations, analog film or PowerPoint presentations * Record Speeches, Audition Material, Adverts & Voice-Overs * Recording Audio From Computer Applications * Create Audiobooks * Create Karaoke Backing Tracks * Make Cool Ringtones * Experiment and Have Fun * …And more!

**Participants in this workshop must bring:
1. A laptop with built-in functioning microphone
2. Headphones

Participants are encouraged to download the software prior to the workshop, by visiting

Register soon—there will be a maximum of 7 participants.

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