Media Show & Tell

Talk about media. Talk about art. Talk about your hat.

Show-and-Tell is a free event from the London Ontario Media Arts Association where you can show off your latest creations, in-progress projects, new passions or toys. Tell us about your half-baked ideas, great experiences or favourite new website—anything goes.

You don’t have to show or tell – feel free to just watch.

Options for showing and or telling:
• Speak/present to the audience in the first half of the event. (There will a be a digital projector available.)
• Sit at the table with your toy/laptop/etc. in front of you and wait for people to come to you
• Mingle! Wander around, chat to people and share your ideas.
Admission is free and the atmosphere is easy.

***Please forward this page to anyone whom you think has a desire to learn or something intriguing to share.

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