Media Space/ Media Place – session 32 – Media Now: Theories and Methodologies

This is the second session in a series designed to foster opportunities for collaboration between media artists, media arts organizations, and curators.

Session 2: Media Now: Theories and Methodologies
Saturday, October 24, 2015 1-5 pm
Please note that the location for this session has been changed to Museum London’s boardroom on the lower level

Thomas Cermak, Writer/Contributor and Executive Director at LondonFuse
Michael Morritt, Founding Member of ETCH Media Collective – Peterborough
Troy David Ouellette, Founding Member of LOMAA
Biographies for the presenters can be found here:–media-place—biographies.html

As the parameters of what constitutes media art expand to include everything from design and technology to film and computer-based practice, the question of how we make sense of past traditions in light of ever-changing technologies remains central. For educators and curators, the role as a mentor outside of post secondary education is essential to determining the future directions media will take. Other models for media arts education include: varying organizational structures, mentorship beyond the university, and student-led educational models that are now accessing broader audiences. Digital distribution has radically transformed
the role of traditional archives and museums as repositories for cultural objects. So, what tools can be used to understand past, present, and indeed, future paradigms of creative material practice that involve technologies from a historical and critical point of view? This session will consider this, and other questions, providing new insights for content creation, media arts education, and preservation.

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