Queer Frontiers: Daniella Sanader, Fan Wu and Serena Lee

LOMAA is excited to welcome Daniella Sanader, Fan Wu, and Serena Lee for the eighth and final invited artists in our Queer Frontiers series! Sanader, Wu, and Lee will host a free online workshop on Saturday, December, 11. This event won’t be available for viewing beyond its original presentation date, so don’t miss out!

Below you will find details about the event and artists. Please send a message to cnegus@lomaa.ca with questions on accessibility.

Online Workshop: Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 12 p.m. ET

Reading Into Slantwise The Other Hand with Daniella Sanader, Fan Wu, Serena Lee

Advance registration is required for this free event and the Zoom link to attend the workshop will be provided within the Eventbrite confirmation email:


Accessibility Note: ASL interpretation and Zoom captions will be available during the workshop

Reading Into Slantwise The Other Hand:

A random shuffle of reading practices with images and texts and an object that you can hold.


Daniella Sanader is a writer and reader who lives in Toronto.

Fan Wu is currently obsessed with Georges Bataille’s mysticism of transgression; Daoist cosmologies of effortless action; the love vortexes that sunder thru us on the eve of cuffing season. You can read his writing online in MICE Magazine, C Magazine, and Shrapnel Magazine.

Serena Lee‘s practice stems from a fascination with polyphony and its radical potential for mapping power, perception and belonging. She plays across modes and disciplines, collaborating and presenting her work internationally. Born in tkaronto/Toronto, Serena is currently based in Vienna.


LOMAA’s Queer Frontiers critically reflects on Canada’s 50th anniversary celebration of the purported “decriminalization” of homosexuality in the country. Serving as a counter to the state revelries, LOMAA will host 8 artists, artist duos, or curators who have established practices post-legislation and remain on the frontiers of Canadian queer media. This project centres queer narratives and praxis as a means to interrogate historical representation and continue fortifying queer futures within this country.

For more background information please visit: https://anti-69.ca/


LOMAA would like to thank Canada Council for the ArtsOntario Arts Council and the London Arts Council for their support of this program and their continued backing.

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