Roger D. Wilson – Workshop, Performance & Talk

Roger D. Wilson
How to Design your own Film Looper Workshop
Friday November 27 / DROP-IN between 11-4 pm / FREE

Cinema-Trike: Starry Nite Performance
Friday November 27 / 7-7:30pm with artist reception to follow / 5$ or PWYC

Media Space/Media Place Talk
Saturday November 28 / 1-5 pm / 5$ or PWYC

ALL events held at 355 Clarence St. London ON

LOMAA’s Visiting Artist Program is BACK with a BANG!

Film scientist Roger D. Wilson will be facilitating 3 not-to-be-missed events while in London. From 11-4 on Friday November 27, Wilson will be hosting a FREE drop-in workshop where participants will be creating found footage film loops. To follow, Wilson will be presenting his 35mm films that same night on a projector powered via a bicycle. Finally, Roger D. Wilson will be presenting as part of LOMAA’s 3-part series Media Space/Media Place.

Please see below for more details!

Workshop – Friday November 27, 11-4 pm

This collaborative workshop will introduce the basic fundaments behind building 16mm and 35mm film loopers. Participants will work together to create new 16mm film loopers while at the same time gaining the knowledge they will need to build their own personal projection systems at home. They will be introduced to a variety of easily obtainable materials used in creating film loopers as well as items that can be stripped and used from old film projectors. Workshop participants will also create short experimental 16mm film loops using found footage and 16mm clear leader and will be introduced to various techniques that can be used to manipulate the film image.

Performance – Friday November 27, 7-7:30pm and reception with artist to follow

Cinema-Trike: Starry Nite
Roger D. Wilson will be presenting his latest version of Cinema-Trike at LOMAA. Roger will be performing live, image manipulation altering a 35mm black and white film print while he constantly pedals the bike that drives the film through the projector. As you watch the film being projected you will see the image continuously change, layers will be added and new textures develop. A starry nite will take the audience on an exploration of the stars and travel the Milky Way.
Cinema-Trike is a human powered film projection system that was created by taking an adult 3-wheeled bicycle and a 35mm film projector and transforming them into a new age cinema experience. Imagine sitting on a bicycle and in front of you is the projection screen where you will view frame by frame film images that you control with your feet, speed the action up or slow it right down to one frame at a time.

Talk – Saturday November 28, 1-5 pm

LOMAA’s Media Space/Media Place series sessions were designed to foster opportunities for collaboration between media artists, media arts organizations, and curators.

Don’t miss this final session which will focus on producers, providing a comparison of different media arts organizations in Ontario. Questions regarding the long-term viability of creative spaces and strategies for sustainable collaboration and production will be addressed. Techniques, methodologies, and practice in light of social, cultural, political, and economic realities will be discussed.

Christine Negus, Independent Video Artist and Member of LOMAA
Roger D. Wilson, Windows Collective
Troy David Ouellette

Roger D. Wilson is an experimental film scientist who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Roger’s artistic practice begins and ends with film, 16mm and 35mm formats; his need to continuously investigate the filmmaking process has lead him to discover innovative experimental film processes. He creates his films using techniques such as optical printing, contact printing, emulsion making, hand processing, and cameraless animation. Roger is known for his technique of manipulating film emulsion prior to photographing images. He has buried black and white film in soil, bathed it in baking soda, berg colour toner, household bleach and photographic bleach all before photographing images. Roger also explores the idea of alternative cinema experiences and has created a number of unique and new ways of viewing film as it projects

LOMAA would like to thank Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council for their continued support.

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