Virtual Encounters

Visual Verses & Sonic Fades: Bittersweet Texture in Autumn Knight’s Complain/Disappoint
Sandra Ruiz
To Tend Is to Care For: Grief, Mourning, and Work in Kite’s Grave Tending Song
Blair Fornwald
Virtual Remains

CW Crawford
The Performance of Nonperformance

Che Gossett

Queer Frontiers

Belonging, Onscreen

Christine Negus
Just Say SAH: A Brief History Of
Two-Spirited Activism On The Siksika Nation
Adrian Stimson
Testing, Testing: Rehearsals In Confession

Aaditya Aggarwal
Negotiating Identity As Weed Or Flower

James Knott
No Place Like Homo

Jess MacCormack
“Out” In The Country

Lainh Hrafn & Rin Vanderhaeghe
We Quit Bible Study

We Quit Theatre
Some Notes On Norman McLaren’s A Phantasy

Steve Reinke