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Welcome to our publication archive. Our first publication Media Space | Media Place is now freely available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Please stay tuned for future publications related to our programming.

Media Space | Media Place

Vital organizations must draw participants to their events, as well as bring their initiatives out into the community, connecting audiences to work, and work to audiences. This text explores three seminars that took place in London, Ontario in 2015 and investigates the parameters of what constitutes media art as it expands to include computer-based practice and digital distribution, the question of how we make sense of past traditions in light of ever-changing technologies remains central. For educators and curators the role as a mentor, outside of post secondary education, is critical to determine the future forms media arts will take. Other models for media arts education cited in this text include: varying organizational structures, mentorship beyond the university and student-led educational models that are now accessing broader audiences.
Part of the text focuses on producers, providing a comparison of different media arts organizations in Ontario. Questions regarding the long-term viability of creative spaces and strategies for sustainable collaboration and production are addressed in light of social, cultural, political, and economic realities.​

Media Space | Media Place[PDF]

Interview with Alex MacKenzie[PDF] ​19/04/16 by Matt Rossoni